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sports field irrigation with waterreel traveling sprinklers

"Smith Irrigation Equipment" has been the "Gold Standard" for traveling irrigation sprinklers for 50 years.
Supplying the most effective, easy to use, and economical portable sprinkler systems for sports fields. A call or email to Smith Irrigation Equipment will solve your irrigation on your fields.


New model SB140/350K1 waterreel irrigates new sod on sports field.


Portable Retractable Traveling Reel Sprinklers from Smith Irrigation Equipment just make sense for irrigation of all types of sports fields, including football fields, soccer fields, soft-ball fields, baseball fields, lacrosse fields, and sports complexes, including school grounds and recreational grounds and fields. Our Irrigation systems are the most effective, economical, easiest to use, low maintenance sprinkler systems available. The retractable reel water irrigation sprinklers are versatile and adaptable to different water sources, field conditions, and/or multiple fields. Imagine being able to set the irrigation system to apply the exact desired water depth, leaving it to irrigate the field, and coming back after it has finished to store it or move it with no equipment to maintain in the field surface. Close to the convenience of an in ground system at a fraction of the cost and the additional ability to irrigate multiple fields. The result is less cost and more productivity, a worthwhile goal for any grounds manager and extremely popular for school grounds and sports fields, golf courses, and parks to control costs and maintain healthy turf.

CALL US TOLL-FREE AT 1-877-488-3270 TODAY.

smith waterreels irrigate footbal fields in one pass

REEL IRRIGATION  sprinkler sytem.


waterreel traveling sprinklers  irrigate sports fields  with Big Gun Sprinkler

waterreel self traveling sports field irrigation system

Sprinkler irrigation for football fields

water reel traveling sprinkler irrigate ball diamonds

waterreel self traveling sprinklers for low cost golf course irrigation

waterreel traveling sprinklers for irrigation of golf course fairways

Waterreel irrigators are portable

waterreel self traveling irrigation systems on soccer fields

waterreel can irrigate a regulation size football field in a single pass

sports field irrigation with traveling sprinklers

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